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Volume I, Number 1 (Summer 2006)
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M. Kelly Lombardi

M. Kelly Lombardi is a practicing and teaching poet who lives in coastal Washington County in a book-filled, music-laden, house with her dog Lucca.  She teaches poetry in the Sunrise Senior College at the local university, specializing. In contemporary Irish poets, international poets, and poetry workshops for other poets. She also lectures on antique rose sand raises about 50 varieties of same.  She goes to Ireland each year to refresh on the music as well as sit in on poetry readings as well as going to Italy where she stays at a 12th century Augustinian monastery and writes, writes, writes. Ireland is her ancestral home; Italy is her spiritual home; coastal Maine is her home harbor.


Wood Smoke and Wind


The Love of Maine


It may be the silence

of the snow falling,

or the finding of night

visitors' tracks at first light.

Perhaps, it is the screams

of the sea birds

or the yipping cry

in darkness as the coyote

gets its supper.

Maybe, it's the sound

of the wind bumping

things against the house

when its feisty, or the

warning wail it sends

when a sou'easter is

going to be blowing in.


Or, it may just be the absence

of Saturday night drunks

and bottles being smashed in alleys,

the shrieks of screeching tires,

the constant sounds of horns blowing,

the sirens of ambulances screaming

and the continuous assault of

boom boxes blaring

unmusical music

from cars speeding by

to nowhere.



Wood Smoke and Wind


There is rain in

the wind, today,

hovering just off shore

carrying with it

the promise

of wood smoke

in the air tomorrow.


I'll lay the fire.


                  The Calm


It is too calm.


The sky and water have merged

  in silver fog.


The gulls, so frantic at dawn,

  have hunkered down.


The song birds who swooped

  to the feeders earlier have

  taken shelter in the spruce grove.


All around the cove,

  wood had been brought in...

  kerosene lamps filled...

  flashlights made ready...

  soup set to simmer...

  porch furniture put in shed...

  extra water jugs filled...

  bathtub full and ready...


The fishing fleet has battened



The silence of the wind

  is screaming severe storm.


We have made ready to ride it out.





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