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Volume I, Number 1 (Summer 2006)
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NEW-CUE, Inc. is a non-profit, environmental education organization founded primarily to assist writers and educators who are dedicated to  enhancing  the public's awareness of environmental issues.




Christopher Mulrooney

Christopher Mulrooney has written poems and translations in Horse Less Review, The Drunken Boat, Indefinite Space and Eclipse, criticism in Parameter, The Film Journal, and Pyramid, and a volume of verse, notebook and sheaves (AmErica House, 2002).

Los Angeles St.


Los Angeles St .


the dangerous curves ahead

malingeringly multiplied

linger in the august memory

of slaves here and abroad

to a pink fashion sense

roadmending abolishes quite


this is the street of heavenly views

the Amsterdam and Zurich marts

compounded daily on an account

severely multiplied in recondite addition


on a wine chest the silver salver

and brazen charger receive the slip

of paper identifying the culprit

it is a moment of supreme silence


the witness is large or small effaced

to be sure leaving nothing but a mind

scarred to be sure and no road more

assured than this one line by line



the awards show-and-tell


terrible éplucheurs raid your

icebox at night it's the brand name

action you can't stand


if it's the same damned

lack of beforehand kowtow

underneath it's the lame daisy


then came the cars along the lane

with a whiskbroom savages

the very neon signs


for the very effrontery of it

shapes and colors on the very

avenue you walk on


evanescent appalled not you

clouds synonyms wading souls

not you firmly thundering feet





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