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Volume I, Number 1 (Summer 2006)
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NEW-CUE, Inc. is a non-profit, environmental education organization founded primarily to assist writers and educators who are dedicated to  enhancing  the public's awareness of environmental issues.




Grace Sheridan

Grace Sheridan is a former elementary school teacher and civil service employee, the mother of two sons,She is a volunteer at the Cutler Library, the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Visitors Center, Sunrise Senior College, and Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Grace and her spouse Neil enjoy a rural lifestyle in the seaside village of Cutler, Maine.

From Australia, with Love

A Seamstress Changes Spools

Thinking about The Painting



All evening I study the face

of your mother finding you

in the smile, in the eyes; hearing

the stories of clam pies and biscuits,

the laundry days for ten,

her violin from Nova Scotia

stored somewhere under the eaves.

That night I dream of Australia

with a wooden kitchen table

where she talks with me for hours.

I tell you that Mum sends her love

and the morning’s as misty as dew.





When I was young,

I never thought to ask . . .

what was the life you left behind,

what inspired you,

who traveled with you,

did anyone discourage you,

what were your fears,

did you have regrets,

because you were here

and I wasn’t aware

how much would be lost

when you were taken away.

Now I’m older

and often wonder. . .

what did you read, did you study

the language while crossing the sea,

who was waiting to meet you,

what were your impressions,

what did you bring,

how were you accepted,

what were your joys and sorrows

because now I know

the threads of your life

are wrapped in the core of mine.



Thinking about The Painting

A Young Girl Reading 1776,

by Jean Honore-Fragonard


Half the room is dark, the other,

bursting with yellow energy

eager to escape the ruffled

confinement of a Sunday afternoon

with something more than her book.

It would slip unnoticed to the floor

as her hair would fall from the crown

of ribbons tied in a bow if

she could persuade someone to run

barefoot across the field, to splash

with her in the stream, no matter

if it soils the hem of her dress.




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