Volume III (Summer 2008)
ISSN 1934-4324

Bill Grimes Jr.

Bill Grimes Jr., born in 1959, was raised in Mobile, Alabama, where he graduated from The University of South Alabama with a degree in Education. He began his amateur writing career as a teenager, primarily as a poet and a lyricist. An early glimpse of his work reveals a dark and depressed mood that was fueled by alcohol and drug addiction. Bill, a heavy drinker for over 25 years, achieved sobriety at age 42 and has devoted the last 7 years of his life to sharing his miraculous experiences in recovery. “I AM and I” (ISBN# 1-4241-07490-0) is his first professional contribution and shares his true journey from hopeless alcoholic to grateful salvation by God’s grace. Bill currently lives in Madison, Alabama and is the proud father of 4 children.




Fatal sphere of incompetence

Questionable ethics

Insincere inducement


Of global ruination

The time has come to reap

Precisely what we've sown

Toxic polar thaw

Portentous cataclysm

Most have no idea

The behemoth

We have spawned

Climate fluctuations



Our ozone safety net

Depletion by asphyxiation

Dear children

Please forgive us

For the damage we've inflicted

In the name of "technology"

Desperate days indeed

Blatant disrespect

Our Mother Earth

She suffers


Spat upon

Only we can curb this doom

It begins with you and me

Collective consciousness


Not lip service

Join the restoration

Rehabilitation movement

Life or death conclusion

Awaits our decisiveness