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Volume I, Number 2 (Summer 2007)
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NEW-CUE, Inc. is a non-profit, environmental education organization founded primarily to assist writers and educators who are dedicated to  enhancing  the public's awareness of environmental issues.




Alice Persons

Alice Persons has two chapbooks, Be Careful What You Wish For and Never Say Never. She has had poems published in various journals and received a Pushcart Prize nomination in 2004. She is co-publisher and co-editor, with Nancy Henry, of Moon Pie Press of Westbrook, Maine. Their website is at Her passions include animal welfare.  She lives in Westbrook with five spoiled pets. Her poetry has been featured on Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac on National Public Radio .


“Koko the gorilla could write better poems than these!”

  • wife of a poet, on reading a literary journal

“Don’t you monkey with the monkey.”

  • Peter Gabriel, “Shock the Monkey”

Help Me, Koko

Koko, I need your help

you have to be really smart

with your astounding signing ability

and your deep, wise eyes.

You’re way more sensitive than a lot of poets I know -

you cried and rocked when your kitten died

and kept signing “Sad!” “Koko sad!”

Please, throw me some metaphors,

type me a draft --

don’t bother with the Shakespeare.

I bet no student in your composition class

would challenge your authority

and nobody in your poetry group

would dare slice up your nature poems.

Doctors and lawyers would never keep you waiting

and if someone cut you off in traffic,

they’d find out what road rage is.

Work with me, Koko.

I think we could co-write some beautiful stuff -

your power, my fifty-plus years,

my computer skills,

your enormous heart.


Snowbound, March

Now at midnight there is no true dark

but a pearly glow brighter than moonlight,

black tree limbs against a nacreous sky.


On TV, the list of cancellations grows

and the weatherman can’t restrain

his gleeful smirk as he points to the massive

storm roaring up the Eastern seaboard.


Tomorrow will bring the hard labor of plows,

of shoveling walks, snowblowing a path for the oil man,

the too-familiar weariness

of all that Sisyphean work


but for these few hours there is a kind of peace

in the mostly silent streets,

our hunkering down inside,

the inability to accomplish anything

out in the white, muffled world.


The trick is to learn to like these imprisonments,

to relish them as a kind of enforced vacation,

a reminder that on this frozen coast

nature can still do in

your dinner plans, phone service,

the high school basketball game,

church suppers, bingo, AA meetings –

and give you the gift

of watching a lovely, smothering whiteness

defeat the winter dark.


Call Me Bourgeois

 After watching “Pollack”, with Ed Harris

as the tormented genius,

I couldn’t sleep,

thinking about suffering and art.

Should I feel a little shallow

because I’m not a drunk or a slave

to drugs, I pay my bills, like to cook,

and no believer in my genius supports me ?

When I have a bad day,

instead of waking up fiercely hung over

and filthy on a Manhattan street,

at the end of this trying day

I do the dull, comforting routines –

let the dogs out, fill the cat food bowl,

floss, check email, and usually (not always)

behave like a grownup

who happens to be a poet.

I don’t like to wear black all the time.

Cigarettes stink.

Bad poets performing their work embarrass me.

I’m all for people expressing themselves,

but I also want them to shower,

and they had better not turn over any

Thanksgiving dinner tables in my vicinity.

Pain makes art

but so do pleasure and normalcy.

Sometimes the quietest person in the band

produces the purest and most lovely sound.-








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