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Volume I, Number 2 (Summer 2007)
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Natalia Zaretsky

Natalia Zaretsky taught Physics in college in Moscow, in 1980 emigrated to the United States. Her first book of poetry Autumn Solstice has been published by Windsong Publishing Co., CA. (2003). Her manuscript City of Naked Feelings would be published by the same publisher in September of 2006. She published the book Dayenu – My Journey into the Jewish World.  Her poems have been published in Poetry Magazine, Iliad Press,, California Quarterly, Moment (magazine), The Louisville Review, Paterson Poetry Review, Gin Bender Review, The Louisville Review, The Georgetown Review and others.

Room with a View



The cage of my room I pace

between the door and tomorrow –

a moving mark on my time-string,

short like a noose tying me

to an oxygen machine in the corner.

At times I take a world tour

scanning lithographs on four walls –

Goya, Renoir, Al-Greco,

Rodos, Paris, Jaffa –

mute memorial to past travels erected

in my final claustrophobicconfinement.



A window’s sliding glass

as half-closed eyes warily

let sun sieve into a comely room

reflecting in parquet and mirror.

Melancholy of the Albinony’s adagio

fills the calm coffer up to the rim

brushes the past off paintings

hanging by thin threads of memory.

A flat skillet of the yellow lackluster wall

of the building across the ground strip,

narrow like a prison yard,

loads the entire square of the view,

rising to the edge of sun’s pancake.

The room idles away languorous hours,

abiding to the space limitation between

the window and the opposite drugged domicile.

At night the outside blackness bears

the illusion of vast green pastures,

shores, licked by tongues of warm sea,

metropolises peopled with travelers.

Then dawn cracks through

curtains soon enough,

and nightly hallucinations vanish.

Again the insipid yellow wall

looms before the window

with frightening nearness –

it may move closer and block the light,

and the room will die from suffocation,

quietly expire without a sound of complaint.

The Cause of Death will state:

lack of air and laughter.











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